ZDF WISO on old-age provision: close pension gap, enjoy retirement

Monday, 12.09.16 , written by Anja Schlicht ZDF WISO focuses in the current program on the private pension. Whether Riester pension, fund savings plan, occupational pension or own property: There are many ways to prepare for retirement. Which ones are best, however, is difficult to say. Rather, it is important to know your own pension gap and to act depending on your own wishes. >

ZDF WISO erklärt: So die Rentenlücke am besten schließen

ZDF WISO gives important tips on private pension provision

ZDF WISO is currently dedicating itself entirely to private old-age pensions, does the pension check and shows how viewers can close the pension gap. Without adequate precautions, most citizens will have to cut back on their old age . Because the falling pension level, employees receive less and less statutory pension . Only very few will be able to maintain their standard of living for this reason. Private provision is therefore necessary. But how much money should consumers put aside for old age? And what options are open to you? ZDF WISO tries to give answers.

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ZDF WISO with tips in the jungle of private pensions

The magazine repeatedly points out in the current issue on private pensions that interested parties should seek advice from an expert in any case. After all, personal best retirement provision depends on various factors such as income, willingness to take risks, family situation and entitlement to state subsidies. The one universal universal pension form does not exist. Consumers have to choose from the variety of offers their appropriate option. This is usually only possible with the assistance of a specialist.

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ZDF WISO Rentencheck: Identify pension gap early and close

Everyone plans their retirement differently. Some people can do it with little money, others need more. To find out how big the gap between need and statutory pension is, consumers are confronting their expected spending on old age , such as rent, possible loan installments, food costs, and planned travel, with their revenues . For many, the income will only consist of the statutory pension, the amount of which the annual pension information provides information. Even a pension appraiser can give a rough overview of how high the old age allowance will be.

Occupational pension: saving with the boss

Even those who have little money left at the end of the month can take care of their private retirement savings. ZDF WISO presents four ways, some of which can be realized with 50 euros per month. So with the company pension plan there is the possibility to provide together with the employer. Since contributions are deducted directly from gross income , employees pay less taxes . However, occupational retirement provision also has disadvantages. Not only are the full care and health insurance premiums due on the disbursed occupational pension. In addition, insured persons pay less into the pension fund as a result of the reduced income, which in turn reduces pension entitlements.

ZDF WISO to the Riester pension: Save with state funding

Another option for private pension is the Riester pension. Here, savers benefit above all from state subsidies . These are € 154 per year for insured persons and between € 185 and € 300 for every child entitled to child benefit. In order to receive full support, it is important to have at least four percent of the previous year’s gross income (including allowances) flow into the contract.

Interested parties should pay attention to the cost of the Riester pension . Because these are at the expense of the return. Which providers are recommended, shows a look at the Riester pension calculator. The higher the guaranteed pension for the classic tariffs, the lower the costs that the insurer collects.

Fund savings plan and home: saving with stocks and concrete gold

Also interesting are fund savings plans. Here, savers put on the stock market . They can also access the capital before the pension begins. However, consumers need “a bit of courage to get involved in the risk and to withstand market fluctuations, ” said ZDF WISO. Which fund savings plans are highly profitable, among other things Stiftung Warentest examined. However, since this test is already two years old, it is advisable to get several offers and to get individual advice.

Last ZDF WISO is on real estate as a private pension. Above all, the low construction rates make it possible to implement the dream of home cheap. According to Interhyp, the current interest rate on ten-year mortgage lending is just over 1.20 percent. For comparison: Five years ago, the interest rate was around 3.5 percent. The more equity future borrowers bring into real estate financing, the cheaper the loan.

Here you will find tips and further information on old-age provision. >

Anja Schlicht

editorial staff

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