Mortgage lending test winner

Mortgage lending test winner

The top results according to Stiftung Warentest
Baufinanzierung Testsieger
  • Especially low interest rates for real estate loans
  • 92 offers in the test
  • On average, 3 percent interest
  • Riester promotion possible

Construction Financing Test: The current test winners in comparison

Although real estate prices have increased recently, the cost of building or buying your own property today is much lower than a few years ago. The reason: never before have there been so many loan offers on the market and never have interest rates been as low as today. If you are looking for an optimal way to buy mortgages, you should take a look at the mortgage lenders Testieger.

Offer comparison for mortgage lending

If you are looking for affordable mortgage lending in 2017, you will quickly find it. The interest rates for real estate loans are comparatively low today and the loan offers are more flexible than ever. Builders and homebuyers can finance their dream home with a loan tailored to their individual needs. Many financing offers provide long-term interest rate security and additional Riester funding by the state. To catch the cheapest offer, interested parties are well advised to first obtain several offers from banks, building societies and financing experts and compare them with each other.

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The cheapest loan offer can be found quickly and easily with the help of an expert in mortgage lending. He will record your individual key data in a detailed conversation – such as the desired loan amount, your eligibility and the possible installment amount – and will examine a large number of offers for you.

Mortgage lending test 2017 of the Stiftung Warentest: saving around 65,000 euros

The experts of Stiftung Warentest found significant cost differences in 2017 for mortgage lending. An initial survey at the beginning of the year showed that customers can save tens of thousands of euros from the right provider depending on various factors, such as the amount of the loan, the nature of the repayment and the length of the fixed interest rate (Finanztest 1/2017). In a second comparison of 105 banks, intermediaries, insurers and building societies this result was confirmed (Finanztest 4/2017).

Thus, in a Volltilgerdarlehen between the cheapest and the most expensive mortgage lender with a loan amount of 180,000 euros, a purchase price of 250,000 euros and 25 years fixed interest rate difference of 64,700 euros . The Building Finance Test 2017 thus shows that before buying or building a home, the various offers should be compared in order not to unnecessarily invest money.

Best Mortgage Broker 2017 chosen

When it comes to mortgage lending, future homeowners face a very wide range of potential financing options. Which German mortgage lenders offer the best conditions and the best service , the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) in August 2017 examined. 14 direct providers were evaluated, for example by comparing the effective interest rates and benefits for instant, forward and full mortgage loans. In addition, the quality of advice on the phone and via e-mail played an important role.

The best mortgage lenders from the perspective of the testers are

  • Interhyp
  • 1822directly and
  • Volkswagen Bank.

They all offer good conditions and very good service. All three have the best conditions for immediate financing and full repayment, and the employees convince with electronic or telephone inquiries through competence.

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Focus-Money selects fairest mortgage lending

In the search for a good mortgage lending other factors should be taken into account in addition to excellent conditions . Therefore, in the home finance test of Focus-Money and ServiceValue around 1,900 customers were asked about their experiences with different providers (Focus-Money 47/2016). The respondents rated the product range and the price-performance ratio as well as customer service, consulting and communication. A total of six mortgage lenders prevailed with a very good result .

Construction financing test winner in the fairness

ING-DiBa, Sparda Banks and Interhyp are already on the top ranks for the sixth time . Even Accedo and PSD banks were among the best mortgage lenders last year.

Follow-up loans in the test

Rarely do owners pay their loan within the fixed interest period. After initial recognition, follow-up financing therefore follows. As with all mortgage lending, the comparison of several offers is important. This can save up to 12,000 euros, as the follow-up financing comparison 2016 shows the financial test.

Mortgage lending test 2016: Stiftung Warentest shows high savings potential

In 2016, Stiftung Warentest also tested in the Construction Financing Test how aspiring homeowners can finance their own home most cheaply. For this purpose, various credit models were considered and examined, with which providers cost the least funding. Depending on the type of financing, lending rates are therefore possible as low as 1.54 percent . Sparda Nürnberg demands this effective interest rate for a Volltilger loan of 180,000 euros with a fixed interest rate of 20 years.

As the testers show, even with predominantly low interest rates, small differences in terms and conditions can result in considerable additional costs or savings . In a model case was between the cheapest and the most expensive offer a difference of more than 66,000 euros.

Determine optimal mortgage lending

Before real estate buyers and builders decide on the next best loan, they should compare the various offers on the market. However, the amount of interest that lenders demand differs enormously, which is why interested parties can save several thousand euros with a low-cost offer. This is impressively demonstrated by the investigations of Stiftung Warentest. The terms of the loans also vary from provider to provider. In particular, borrowers should ensure that their loan agreement allows for special repayments and installment changes .

Use long rate fixation

As a borrower, you should set the lowest possible interest rate for at least ten, but better still 15 or 20 years. The longer the interest rate is fixed, the better you are protected from rising interest rates and thus have a security. You benefit most from a fixed interest rate for the entire loan term.

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