Car insurance 2013: Save more than 1300 euros with a change

Save more than 1300 euros with a change

With a change in motor insurance, motorists can save an average of over 1,300 euros in 2013. So big is the price difference between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurance. This is confirmed by a recent study, according to which there is considerable savings potential for motor vehicle owners in motor vehicle insurance.
Kfz-Versicherung 2013 wechseln und so mehrere 100 Euro einsparen
Traffic accident: Here the right car insurance helps

First the bad news: The motor insurance has become more expensive in 2013 again. The contributions have increased on average by 5.8 percent. Already in 2012, premiums rose by 6.9 percent. Now the good news: Motorists can still save up to 59 percent with a change of their motor insurance 2013. This is confirmed by a recent study by the independent Institute for the Insurance Industry in Berlin, which was commissioned by the car insurer Direct Line. As a result, there is a large difference in the prices between the offers of different insurers in car insurance. The analysis shows that the price range between the most expensive and the cheapest tariff averages 1,338 euros.

Car insurance comparison 2013: Average price difference of 1,338 euros

For the market survey on the price situation in the German motor insurance market, more than 33,000 tariff calculations were carried out for 10 sample customers from 20 cities and regions. Among them were students with a VW Polo, families with a hybrid car and wives with a second car. Especially students who drive a VW, according to the study could save the most with their car insurance. Those who opt for the cheapest offer saves in comparison to the most expensive tariff 3,471 euros. A detailed car insurance comparison is worth so much gold. But it is also worthwhile for all other motorists to take a closer look at their car insurance. Even if the price difference is small, it is still at 691 euros.

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Switch car insurance until 30th November: how does it work?

Motorists have until 30 November 2013 to cancel their car insurance and switch to a new provider. Who now asks “Change car insurance, how does that work?”, Who finds here a pattern for his termination of the motor insurance. Motorists can quickly find a suitable new fare online with the aid of a car insurance calculator. The more concrete their details are, the more tailor-made is the new car insurance and the more satisfied they are with their choice at the end.

Car insurance 2013: where motorists can save the most

According to the study, car owners in Berlin have the greatest savings potential. Between the most expensive and the cheapest offer are 1,661 euros, which can save Berliners with the right car insurance. But drivers throughout Germany have the opportunity to save money with a change. It does not even the comparison between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurance are used. Even the comparison between the cheapest rate and the average price shows that the best offer can save up to 59 percent of the premium.

Top 5 cities with the highest price difference:

  • Berlin (1,661 euros)
  • Munich (1,513 euros)
  • Nuremberg (1,461 euros)
  • Hamburg (1,455 euros)
  • Frankfurt (1,454 euros)

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Car Insurance 2013: Which insurer is the cheapest?

In which motor insurance consumers can insure the best or most favorable, the study can not say. The differences between the sample customers are too great for a clear winner to emerge from the analysis. Anders is the result of the motor insurance test 2013, the Cologne market researcher ServiceValue. There are 11 test winners from the investigation. Among them are the auto insurers HUK-Coburg and DEVK, which also achieved a very good result in the latest motor vehicle insurance test from the German Institute for Service Quality.

Enormous price differences in motor insurance 2013

Why car drivers can save so much money on their car insurance, the study authors found in the different scope of services of the offers and founded in the various risk assessments of insurers. But also “a different price policy and the current competitive situation” lead to these enormous saving potentials. However, Spiegel Online points out that “a change is not always advisable because of lower costs”. Also, performance enhancements such as protection against marten bites or game damage can motivate motorists to change their car insurance. The magazine concludes that it is sometimes difficult to find “a suitable and equally cheap car insurance. But the effort can be worthwhile. “

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