ARD informs about car insurance change: Deadline is racing

Thursday, 21.11.13 , written by Christian Hafler For the motor insurance change driver remains only a little time. That’s why the ARD Morgenmagazin, together with a financial test expert, provides timely information on expensive motor insurance. Especially frequent drivers and novice drivers can therefore save a lot of money with a change. >  Car Insurance Change: Only a few days left until the deadline

The deadline for the change of motor vehicle insurance is getting closer. Car insurance policies that run until 31 December 2013 will automatically renew for another year. Only those who quit until 30th November and change the car insurance can save a lot of money. Currently, the ARD Morgenmagazin together with Michael Bruns of Finanztest points out that motorists with a car insurance comparison can save a lot of contributions. The price range between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurance is sometimes enormous. For example, frequent travelers pay between € 1,300 and € 450 for their insurance cover. Even with novice drivers, the price differences are very large.

“Dramatic price differences”: Use car insurance change

According to the current motor insurance test of financial test novice drivers with a car insurance change save up to 3,000 euros a year. In the ARD Morgenmagazin Bruns explains that it is not individual insurance companies that are becoming more expensive, but rather individual tariffs and features. These include, for example, the age of the insured person, how many kilometers he drives and the driver’s circle. For most motorists, the car insurance becomes more expensive. A car insurance comparison is therefore worthwhile for most customers. “Prices are on the insurance market very moving,” explains the financial test expert. “The price differences are dramatic.”

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Cheap car insurance equal to better car insurance?

But does cheap always mean better? This question was pursued by the ARD Morgenmagazin. “As a rule, insurers always offer several tariffs,” says Bruns. So there are basic rates, comfort and luxury fares. While the basic rates cover the necessary services, comfort rates offer many additional benefits. These may be superfluous for motorists, however. For example, what is the probability that the car will go down with a ferry? Most insured people can do without this protection and save a few euros.

Car Insurance Change: Deadline shifts in 2013

The deadline for the change of car insurance is extended this year. As the 30th of November this time falls on a Saturday, many companies also accept the termination on 2 December 2013. Important: The notice of termination must be on the table at the latest by this deadline at the car insurer. However, anyone who wants to play safe with his termination should ensure that the letter is available to the provider by 30 November. Insured who miss the appointment, can only terminate after an increase in their car insurance. The special right of termination makes this possible. As soon as drivers have been informed about the rising prices, they have one month to change their car insurance policy.

ARD: Compare is worth every year

According to ARD, savings fox compare and cancel their contract every year. “Sometimes it will also be cheaper if [they] give notice and register again as a new customer with the old insurer.” Although the car insurance comparison does not necessarily have to save a saving of several hundred euros. Recently, the insurance expert Manfred Poweleit criticized that such promises are nonsense. But even if insured can save under 100 €, that relieves the wallet.

The one best car insurance does not exist

Which car insurance incidentally is the best, is difficult to generalize. Although there have been some tests in 2013, they have produced different test winners. This is related to the different examination criteria. For example, the analyzes ask for the most fair car insurer or the car insurer with the best service. A good price-performance ratio can also decide on a motor insurance test winner as transparent and consumer-friendly contract terms. Motorists should therefore know what is important to them in their motor insurance. So you can quickly find their personal best car insurance when changing car insurance.

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