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ARD informs about car insurance change: Deadline is racing

Thursday, 21.11.13 , written by Christian Hafler For the motor insurance change driver remains only a little time. That’s why the ARD Morgenmagazin, together with a financial test expert, provides timely information on expensive motor insurance. Especially frequent drivers and novice drivers can therefore save a lot of money with a change. >  Car Insurance Change: Only a few days left until the deadline

The deadline for the change of motor vehicle insurance is getting closer. Car insurance policies that run until 31 December 2013 will automatically renew for another year. Only those who quit until 30th November and change the car insurance can save a lot of money. Currently, the ARD Morgenmagazin together with Michael Bruns of Finanztest points out that motorists with a car insurance comparison can save a lot of contributions. The price range between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurance is sometimes enormous. For example, frequent travelers pay between € 1,300 and € 450 for their insurance cover. Even with novice drivers, the price differences are very large.

“Dramatic price differences”: Use car insurance change

According to the current motor insurance test of financial test novice drivers with a car insurance change save up to 3,000 euros a year. In the ARD Morgenmagazin Bruns explains that it is not individual insurance companies that are becoming more expensive, but rather individual tariffs and features. These include, for example, the age of the insured person, how many kilometers he drives and the driver’s circle. For most motorists, the car insurance becomes more expensive. A car insurance comparison is therefore worthwhile for most customers. “Prices are on the insurance market very moving,” explains the financial test expert. “The price differences are dramatic.”

Service: See for yourself how big the price differences are. Compare here for free about 100 offers.

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Cheap car insurance equal to better car insurance?

But does cheap always mean better? This question was pursued by the ARD Morgenmagazin. “As a rule, insurers always offer several tariffs,” says Bruns. So there are basic rates, comfort and luxury fares. While the basic rates cover the necessary services, comfort rates offer many additional benefits. These may be superfluous for motorists, however. For example, what is the probability that the car will go down with a ferry? Most insured people can do without this protection and save a few euros.

Car Insurance Change: Deadline shifts in 2013

The deadline for the change of car insurance is extended this year. As the 30th of November this time falls on a Saturday, many companies also accept the termination on 2 December 2013. Important: The notice of termination must be on the table at the latest by this deadline at the car insurer. However, anyone who wants to play safe with his termination should ensure that the letter is available to the provider by 30 November. Insured who miss the appointment, can only terminate after an increase in their car insurance. The special right of termination makes this possible. As soon as drivers have been informed about the rising prices, they have one month to change their car insurance policy.

ARD: Compare is worth every year

According to ARD, savings fox compare and cancel their contract every year. “Sometimes it will also be cheaper if [they] give notice and register again as a new customer with the old insurer.” Although the car insurance comparison does not necessarily have to save a saving of several hundred euros. Recently, the insurance expert Manfred Poweleit criticized that such promises are nonsense. But even if insured can save under 100 €, that relieves the wallet.

The one best car insurance does not exist

Which car insurance incidentally is the best, is difficult to generalize. Although there have been some tests in 2013, they have produced different test winners. This is related to the different examination criteria. For example, the analyzes ask for the most fair car insurer or the car insurer with the best service. A good price-performance ratio can also decide on a motor insurance test winner as transparent and consumer-friendly contract terms. Motorists should therefore know what is important to them in their motor insurance. So you can quickly find their personal best car insurance when changing car insurance.

Here you can find tips and more information about car insurance. >

Christian Hafler

editorial staff


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Millions of BGH verdict on life insurance

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news Millions of BGH verdict on life insurance News always well informed Tuesday, 10.02.15 , written by Bernd Lauberg The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has to answer in a recent judgment the question of how much money life insurance customers are entitled to. According to consumer advocates they are not sufficiently involved in the valuation reserves. For the individual, it is about hundreds to thousands of euros – for the insurance industry, it is a billion decision. > Versicherer fürchten Nachforderungen in Milliardenhöhe Life insurance: BGH checks calculation of reserves

The current judgment of the BGH deals with the hidden reserves in life insurance. In addition to the paid-in contributions and the normal profit sharing, insured persons also receive an interest in these so-called valuation reserves at the end of the contract. Insurers are obliged to – if the contract does not explicitly regulate otherwise – to include the policyholder at the half of the valuation reserves at the end of the contract. The ruling of the BGH, which is expected on Wednesday, should clarify whether the calculation – and thus participation – of the hidden reserves is appropriate or the customers are paid too little money .

Life insurance: BGH decides on additional payment

In the present case, the plaintiff had taken out a life insurance policy with Allianz in 1987 and received a total of EUR 28 026 at the end of the contract in 2008. Of this amount, € 9,124 was accounted for by the surplus participation, including the participation in the valuation reserves. According to the plaintiff, the 657 euro are too little, because the valuation reserves were inadmissibly offset with the final profit participation . (Az. IV ZR 213/14)

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Consumer advocates demand more transparency

Consumer advocates such as the Confederation of Insured eV have been complaining for years that insurers would artificially low their participation in the valuation reserves for consumers through this and similar offsetting. In addition, it is not transparent for the insured how the corresponding calculations are made .

BGH judgment could cost life insurance billions

So far, the action in the lower courts had no success, so that the process has now landed in revision before the Federal Court. Thus, the upcoming judgment has signal effect for the whole industry . If the judges in Karlsruhe decide on the plaintiff, the entire insurance industry faces additional claims from life insurance customers whose contracts were concluded before 2008. In view of a total of more than 87 million life insurance policies in Germany , this is billions of euros for insurance customers and companies .

Update February 11, 2015: The judges have decided against the plaintiff's opinion. Therefore, the alliance does not have to pay any more money or explain exactly how the payment is made. For the BdV "the verdict is a slap in the face." The association criticizes that insured persons must continue to rely on the statements of the companies without a possibility of control. Since there was no consumer protection-hoped for a fundamental verdict, the industry is spared a billion-dollar verdict.

What are hidden reserves?

The hidden reserves represent the difference between the acquisition cost and the current market value of the investments in which life insurance was invested.

BGH judgment: life insurance and Co. soon more transparent?

Even more important than the question of how much money customers are entitled to a life insurance policy is, moreover, the answer to the question as to whether the insurance companies should be required to provide information regarding the actuarial basis for surplus calculation. Insurance customers could then better understand in the future, as the insurer has calculated the amount of hidden reserves. Axel Kleinlein, CEO of the Association of Insured (BdV) evaluated in the run-up to such a decision as an "important step against the steady deterioration of the consumer position."

Just last year, the LVRG passed a new regulation on participation in valuation reserves. The BdV asked the Federal President even the law due to "constitutional concerns" not to sign .

Here you will find tips and more information about life insurance. >

Bernd Lauberg

editorial staff

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Mortgage lending test winner


Mortgage lending test winner

The top results according to Stiftung Warentest
Baufinanzierung Testsieger
  • Especially low interest rates for real estate loans
  • 92 offers in the test
  • On average, 3 percent interest
  • Riester promotion possible

Construction Financing Test: The current test winners in comparison

Although real estate prices have increased recently, the cost of building or buying your own property today is much lower than a few years ago. The reason: never before have there been so many loan offers on the market and never have interest rates been as low as today. If you are looking for an optimal way to buy mortgages, you should take a look at the mortgage lenders Testieger.

Offer comparison for mortgage lending

If you are looking for affordable mortgage lending in 2017, you will quickly find it. The interest rates for real estate loans are comparatively low today and the loan offers are more flexible than ever. Builders and homebuyers can finance their dream home with a loan tailored to their individual needs. Many financing offers provide long-term interest rate security and additional Riester funding by the state. To catch the cheapest offer, interested parties are well advised to first obtain several offers from banks, building societies and financing experts and compare them with each other.

Super Saver

The cheapest loan offer can be found quickly and easily with the help of an expert in mortgage lending. He will record your individual key data in a detailed conversation – such as the desired loan amount, your eligibility and the possible installment amount – and will examine a large number of offers for you.

Mortgage lending test 2017 of the Stiftung Warentest: saving around 65,000 euros

The experts of Stiftung Warentest found significant cost differences in 2017 for mortgage lending. An initial survey at the beginning of the year showed that customers can save tens of thousands of euros from the right provider depending on various factors, such as the amount of the loan, the nature of the repayment and the length of the fixed interest rate (Finanztest 1/2017). In a second comparison of 105 banks, intermediaries, insurers and building societies this result was confirmed (Finanztest 4/2017).

Thus, in a Volltilgerdarlehen between the cheapest and the most expensive mortgage lender with a loan amount of 180,000 euros, a purchase price of 250,000 euros and 25 years fixed interest rate difference of 64,700 euros . The Building Finance Test 2017 thus shows that before buying or building a home, the various offers should be compared in order not to unnecessarily invest money.

Best Mortgage Broker 2017 chosen

When it comes to mortgage lending, future homeowners face a very wide range of potential financing options. Which German mortgage lenders offer the best conditions and the best service , the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) in August 2017 examined. 14 direct providers were evaluated, for example by comparing the effective interest rates and benefits for instant, forward and full mortgage loans. In addition, the quality of advice on the phone and via e-mail played an important role.

The best mortgage lenders from the perspective of the testers are

  • Interhyp
  • 1822directly and
  • Volkswagen Bank.

They all offer good conditions and very good service. All three have the best conditions for immediate financing and full repayment, and the employees convince with electronic or telephone inquiries through competence.

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Focus-Money selects fairest mortgage lending

In the search for a good mortgage lending other factors should be taken into account in addition to excellent conditions . Therefore, in the home finance test of Focus-Money and ServiceValue around 1,900 customers were asked about their experiences with different providers (Focus-Money 47/2016). The respondents rated the product range and the price-performance ratio as well as customer service, consulting and communication. A total of six mortgage lenders prevailed with a very good result .

Construction financing test winner in the fairness

ING-DiBa, Sparda Banks and Interhyp are already on the top ranks for the sixth time . Even Accedo and PSD banks were among the best mortgage lenders last year.

Follow-up loans in the test

Rarely do owners pay their loan within the fixed interest period. After initial recognition, follow-up financing therefore follows. As with all mortgage lending, the comparison of several offers is important. This can save up to 12,000 euros, as the follow-up financing comparison 2016 shows the financial test.

Mortgage lending test 2016: Stiftung Warentest shows high savings potential

In 2016, Stiftung Warentest also tested in the Construction Financing Test how aspiring homeowners can finance their own home most cheaply. For this purpose, various credit models were considered and examined, with which providers cost the least funding. Depending on the type of financing, lending rates are therefore possible as low as 1.54 percent . Sparda Nürnberg demands this effective interest rate for a Volltilger loan of 180,000 euros with a fixed interest rate of 20 years.

As the testers show, even with predominantly low interest rates, small differences in terms and conditions can result in considerable additional costs or savings . In a model case was between the cheapest and the most expensive offer a difference of more than 66,000 euros.

Determine optimal mortgage lending

Before real estate buyers and builders decide on the next best loan, they should compare the various offers on the market. However, the amount of interest that lenders demand differs enormously, which is why interested parties can save several thousand euros with a low-cost offer. This is impressively demonstrated by the investigations of Stiftung Warentest. The terms of the loans also vary from provider to provider. In particular, borrowers should ensure that their loan agreement allows for special repayments and installment changes .

Use long rate fixation

As a borrower, you should set the lowest possible interest rate for at least ten, but better still 15 or 20 years. The longer the interest rate is fixed, the better you are protected from rising interest rates and thus have a security. You benefit most from a fixed interest rate for the entire loan term.

Request free quote

Take advantage of our free quote and let us advise you on your own personal mortgage lending options. Our certified and evaluated experts will answer your specific questions and wishes and compare all possible financing options for your home. So you can quickly and easily find your individual mortgage test winner.


Car insurance 2013: Save more than 1300 euros with a change

Car insurance 2013: Save more than 1300 euros with a change

With a change in motor insurance, motorists can save an average of over 1,300 euros in 2013. So big is the price difference between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurance. This is confirmed by a recent study, according to which there is considerable savings potential for motor vehicle owners in motor vehicle insurance.
Kfz-Versicherung 2013 wechseln und so mehrere 100 Euro einsparen
Traffic accident: Here the right car insurance helps

First the bad news: The motor insurance has become more expensive in 2013 again. The contributions have increased on average by 5.8 percent. Already in 2012, premiums rose by 6.9 percent. Now the good news: Motorists can still save up to 59 percent with a change of their motor insurance 2013. This is confirmed by a recent study by the independent Institute for the Insurance Industry in Berlin, which was commissioned by the car insurer Direct Line. As a result, there is a large difference in the prices between the offers of different insurers in car insurance. The analysis shows that the price range between the most expensive and the cheapest tariff averages 1,338 euros.

Car insurance comparison 2013: Average price difference of 1,338 euros

For the market survey on the price situation in the German motor insurance market, more than 33,000 tariff calculations were carried out for 10 sample customers from 20 cities and regions. Among them were students with a VW Polo, families with a hybrid car and wives with a second car. Especially students who drive a VW, according to the study could save the most with their car insurance. Those who opt for the cheapest offer saves in comparison to the most expensive tariff 3,471 euros. A detailed car insurance comparison is worth so much gold. But it is also worthwhile for all other motorists to take a closer look at their car insurance. Even if the price difference is small, it is still at 691 euros.

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Switch car insurance until 30th November: how does it work?

Motorists have until 30 November 2013 to cancel their car insurance and switch to a new provider. Who now asks “Change car insurance, how does that work?”, Who finds here a pattern for his termination of the motor insurance. Motorists can quickly find a suitable new fare online with the aid of a car insurance calculator. The more concrete their details are, the more tailor-made is the new car insurance and the more satisfied they are with their choice at the end.

Car insurance 2013: where motorists can save the most

According to the study, car owners in Berlin have the greatest savings potential. Between the most expensive and the cheapest offer are 1,661 euros, which can save Berliners with the right car insurance. But drivers throughout Germany have the opportunity to save money with a change. It does not even the comparison between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurance are used. Even the comparison between the cheapest rate and the average price shows that the best offer can save up to 59 percent of the premium.

Top 5 cities with the highest price difference:

  • Berlin (1,661 euros)
  • Munich (1,513 euros)
  • Nuremberg (1,461 euros)
  • Hamburg (1,455 euros)
  • Frankfurt (1,454 euros)

Our service: How high the price difference for you in your city fails, you will find out with our car insurance calculator. Find out if your current car insurance is among the most expensive or cheapest deals.

Car Insurance 2013: Which insurer is the cheapest?

In which motor insurance consumers can insure the best or most favorable, the study can not say. The differences between the sample customers are too great for a clear winner to emerge from the analysis. Anders is the result of the motor insurance test 2013, the Cologne market researcher ServiceValue. There are 11 test winners from the investigation. Among them are the auto insurers HUK-Coburg and DEVK, which also achieved a very good result in the latest motor vehicle insurance test from the German Institute for Service Quality.

Enormous price differences in motor insurance 2013

Why car drivers can save so much money on their car insurance, the study authors found in the different scope of services of the offers and founded in the various risk assessments of insurers. But also “a different price policy and the current competitive situation” lead to these enormous saving potentials. However, Spiegel Online points out that “a change is not always advisable because of lower costs”. Also, performance enhancements such as protection against marten bites or game damage can motivate motorists to change their car insurance. The magazine concludes that it is sometimes difficult to find “a suitable and equally cheap car insurance. But the effort can be worthwhile. “

Here you can find tips and more information about car insurance.